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Inner voice of an Indian - Sonia as PM?

I had written this article after Loksabha elections in 2004 to post it in a discussion forum. Blogs were not famous by then. Thought Sonai Ghandhi is not a prime ministerial candidate she is the shaddow PM, anyway. So I feel the arguments still hold good.


The inner voice of Congress president Ms. Sonia Ghandhi was much on the media after the poll results. This article, tries to debate on the violently discussed topic of accepting Ms. Sonia Ghandhi as The Primier to the Nation, with an average Indian’s view.

Ms. Ghandhi may be qualified to become the Prime minister as per the papers. But it is the sentiments of the individuals that differ, which is most important. Let me throw few points on why she is not acceptable to the top position in the government.

The first one that I want to give emphasis is the emotional bond that one would have with his motherland. Here I give you the transliteration of a Tamil poem written by great poet Subramanya Bharathiar during freedom fight.

“This is the land where my Father and Mother lived gracefully,
This is the land where they got tremendous intuitions and got laurels to the country,
This is the land where our forefathers lived for thousands of years and handed-over
us the treasure,
Let’s solute the incredible land saying, ‘Vande Matharam’ “.

Now, would Ms. Ghandhi have such a bond with this country? Can she look in to the issues of this country as how YOU and I look in? She can administer the country just like a corporate head but nothing more than that. A person who was born and brought up with the spirits of one Nation can treat the other only like how a step-mother would treat a kid.

Secondly, let’s deal with the ‘People’s Verdict’. It has been propagated that the People had voted to elect Ms. Ghandhi as the premier. The fact remains that Congress never ever announced that Sonia was their Prime Ministerial candidate. Then, how could Congress conveniently claim that people had chosen her to be the Premier? It is not ‘Sonia wave’ that made congress to the power. There are a few good causes which helped Congress to win 182 constituencies. That includes, the ‘Rahul and Priyanka wave’, the disappointment over the state governments in Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh and the mindset of a part of people to always outvote the ruling party. Even after all these, Congress failed to get majority and got just about 20 seats more than its rival BJP. So, the media highlighted “People’s Verdict” is not at all true.

Thirdly, the qualification of Ms. Ghandhi has to be vigorously discussed. Her experience in politics is less than a decade. Neither she has grown step-by-step in the party nor did she enter politics on her interest to serve this country. Friends, remember that she entered politics only because Congress party could not accept one among themselves to be their National leader. Further, Congress needed a person who is familiar to the whole Nation, who is also attractive. Ultimately they found Sonia who got the attraction of being the wife of farmer Prime Minister and being a member of Nehru’s family. This is a shame to Congress party. We should not allow this vulnerability of Congress to deteriorate the Pride of the Nation and the pride of its civilians. It is high time to rule out that having ‘Ghandhi’ in one’s name becoming the satisfactory condition for becoming Indian Premier.

Fourthly, the broad-mindness of Indians. A section of people argued that we should have broad-mind to accept Sonia as the Prime minister irrespective of her origin. Most of the Indian media maintained that raising question on Sonia is narrow-minded. She was born and brought up abroad and had acquired Indian citizenship only when she was 37. I would like to throw a question to you gentlemen and ladies. Suppose that you have migrated to another country. Will you be able to treat both countries similarly? Where your heart and sole will be? The American example comes handy to my counterparts. They ask me that while US citizens could accept an immigrant to occupy higher positions, why we could not. No one in US other than Red-Indians is a native of the land. Consider European countries where the citizens are natives-of-the-land. Can a first generation British immigrant become Premier of German? Would it be possible for a first generation French immigrant to assume chief of PMO at UK? Just think…

Soon after the political drama ended up in Delhi, a French author wrote that Indians still had not come out of, slavery, falling to the feet of white skin. This comment had delivered after seeing the demonstrations by congressmen and others against Sonia’s decision, not to take over as Prime minister. I am afraid if his statement could be true. To disapprove this can you give me a single reason why Congressmen and few ugly politicians preferred Ms. Sonia Ghanthi to Dr. Manmohan Singh?

To conclude, what I want to reiterate is that it may not be a legal or constitutional issue but it is an issue of one’s sentiments. Therefore it is a threat to Nation’s pride and to the self-respect of its civilians. Let’s take oath not to allow any such threats in the future.

Jai Hindh!

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